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 Check out a new Bitcoin mining platform done completely from your phone use my referral link dhiggins17 for 1 free pi digital currency- 

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Keep your money! Pi is free. All you need is an invitation from an existing trusted member on the network. If you have an invitation you can download the mobile app below.

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Moneytyrants Seo Backlinks Program

SEO Organic Traffic

SEO Organic Traffic

SEO Organic Traffic



  • Keep In Mind Moneytyrants is Only 3 Months Old and it  already has over 21,000 Backlinks - work with me and I will help you acquire yours!

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The beginnings of the moneytyrants backlinks program starts with a simple idea.  I want to connect us, so where do we begin?  Moneytyrants will be establishing a Site Review Blogging Backlinks Program.  The idea is super simple and completely free and easy on you, I'll be doing the leg work..  Submit your website below and Moneytyrants will do a completely free to you site review blog post.  After submission of your blog post you then will embed the blog post onto your website.  

Why should you participate in the Moneytyrants backlink program?  Good Question!  Google ranks connected websites with backlinks much higher and we will be creating for ourselves more organic traffic :-).  Check it out, consider moneytyrants and join our online SEO Organic Traffic Producing Community.  

Content Creation and Backlinks-  It's important to create content with seo and organic traffic building strategies like key word research and making that content shine.  If you know what your target audience is you can use google trends or just go to your search bar and start typing in the beginning of a search term you want to rank for and use the auto-fill suggested terms.  I would suggest using one of the top terms you find but keep in mind you will be competing with whoever else pops up when you search for the term.   Use common sense and integrate these strategies effectively.

Why Backlinks?- Page Rank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority have been shown to have a strong correlation with Backlinks especially quality Backlinks.  The higher the rating of the site linking to your sites content the higher the rating of the Backlink.  Simple stuff let's get to it, take advantage of the free Moneytyrants Backlink Program and get started with your Backlinks organic traffic garnering potential.


SEO Organic Traffic

SEO Organic Traffic

SEO Organic Traffic

seo backlinks neil patel


  • Keep In Mind Moneytyrants is Only 3 Months Old and it  already has over 18,000 Website Linking to Moneytyrants- work with me and I will help you link your website!

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Make Money Online

Why I'm Not Stuck - I've Changed My Mindset

Business, passive income -

  • I wonder how much my labor profits?  How much money when I go to work am I making someone else?  Has it ever occurred to you how valuable your time is?  If i work in a factory producing the same product over an over again all day or night how much money am I losing when I could be doing something just as valuable on my own.  Say I make $16/hour, the product I help produce profits $100 per item, it's cycle time is 3 minutes so that is 20 parts or $2000 /hour.  That tells me I can make that much for myself hourly.  It certainly is within my reach isn't it?  I'm doing that for someone else right?  So why am I standing there doing that when I could be doing something I enjoy doing and get paid significantly better?  I'm not saying that your going to make 2,000 an hour but I am saying you have much more potential than $16/hour.  That's not grandstanding that's just common sense after reviewing the facts.  

  1.   Hopefully I've convinced you a little bit about the potential there is in self starting, self promoting, good ole fashioned entrepreneurial spirit.  Join me and help me to help you get there.  Let's achieve some dreams together and climb out of this go to work slumber that helps us make others rich.  The wealth is there and one of the major secrets is that the wealth is you.  See your value and move toward it, it's much more than that dollar sign, that's just a measurement and an inaccurate one at that.  
  2. Creators Are Rewarded:
  3. If you want to get as much as you can out of life become a creator.  Start producing and you will be surprised at the success you see.  It's in our nature to promote those who are creative and for us to move forward along with those who will lead.  Become the leader, become what you desire to see someone else become, you are it.  That is a very key ingredient in your success story.  Just start by creating in a field that you love.  One thing that I love about website creation is you can do what you love to do within that field of opportunity.   
  4. Your Energy is Key:
  5. Your energy is exactly that, your energy.  We most of the time give up our energy to the success of someone else's dream.  There is definitely a place for that and what exactly do you think I am doing anyways.  I'm trying to promote your growth because I genuinely believe that it goes and grows along with mine.  But the point I'm making is you completely forget about your own dreams and they often die in the creation of someone else's, don't do that join Moneytyrants and let's grow together.    
  6. Let's turn the tide and start having that freedom you dreamed about as a child.  It is completely within your reach.  If you don't know where to start, I'm here to help. Join the Moneytyrants team.

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Moneytyrants Apps That Pay and Dropshipping

SEO monetize blog

Apps That Pay

There are apps that will pay you to do not very much at all, but often they do not bring in big dividends.  Slidejoy and the Panel App will fall under this category.  They do however pay you for doing little to nothing at all.  If your wanting to increase your earnings by an income size level through Apps, then check out Godaddy, Fiverr and Ebay. 

Wix  and GoDaddy

offers all of the necessary domain needs and even website development and publishing opportunities to start creating passive income sources.  Wix and GoDaddy will give you access to top tier domain names and has many reliable resources.  I highly recommend GoDaddy as a choice.  Wix does an exceptional job as well and will help in all the ways GoDaddy does with a subscription.  


Fiverr is a job posting and freelancing website that garners a lot of traffic from people trying to outsource or host a job to someone with the necessary skill.  Find work with Fiverr and do well with the response times, and customer reviews, and you may have just found your new job.

Lastly Dropshipping 

Ebay from Amazon or Ebay to Amazon.  The way it works is find products that are selling for less on Amazon or Ebay and list them on the other website for a profit.  Its called dropshipping, crazy right, do it.  

No money dropshipping

What does no money dropshipping mean?  Lets get into that.  No money dropshipping means that we are going to find and sell some other suppliers product.  We become middleman, brokers, or bankers in the sellers world.  Interested?  Dive in and see success come your way.  I've personally sold some products that are not my inventory profiting over $600 for an individual sale.  Cool right.  How about doing that for yourself?  Something to consider.

Platforms for dropshipping

Any website can dropship.  I just want to reiterate that any website you create can dropship.

Say we were to create a website e.g. and sold weeblies which are really profitable ('-').  On any website we create we can start a paypal business account.  Take that business account and create html paypal buttons and sell weeblies for a profit.  We want to target websites that have weeblies on sale and move their inventory on our website and we just dropshipped.  All of this can be accomplished through apps.  (the website was just an example...)  Drew@moneytyrants

Moneytyrants Become a Creator