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68000 A Year is How Much An Hour

68000 A Year is How Much An Hour

 Money and Income in our world today.

68000 A Year is How Much An Hour?  When we look at this question we automatically think in terms of a 9-5 job so here is a straight answer.  So with a 40 hour work week, we arrive at needing to make  $32.70/hour.  That sounds good right?  What if I could make money around the clock with an alternative income source, namely passive income?  That comes out to a much more interesting figure.  It works out to $7.75/hour which is about what minimum wage is.  

Income Why I Want it My Way

What I'm getting at is: what is the best way to make that $68,000 a year?  How should we tackle that problem to put that money in our pocket.  I would say start an online business, focus on passive income sources and subtract my level of labor to get there.  That's smart money friend.  Turn the question on its head and ask yourself am I asking the right question?  I know that the answer I'm really looking for is that extra $68,000 annually.  Think about it and see if you feel the same?  

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68000 A Year is How Much An Hour

Cash Flow Opportunities

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- Make Money Online, SEO, Money, organic traffic, website traffic, passive income